Belt straps for building and craft applications are used in sun shading, sanitary and electrical applications in joineries, ready-built housing, and many other industries. Belts are often exposed to high mechanical loads for many years. By carefully selecting and combining first-class threads, our belts meet these high demands. Many of our customers trust in us for reliable quality – Made in Germany!

Buildtech - First-class belt straps for building and craft applications

Example applications

Professionals from roller shutter construction and trade have been relying on the high quality of our roller shutter belt tapes for decades.

Roller shutter belts from Carl Stahl convince through

  • pleasant to the touch
  • High reliability and long service life
  • selected materials reinforce the edges to protect against chafing
  • certain belt versions are equipped with extra soft comfort edge
  • the right tricks in weaving technology guarantee straight webbings and avoid crescent formation or corkscrew effect - even after a high number of cycles in application
  • Use of high-quality raw materials, which we obtain for the most part from suppliers in Germany and Europe
  • Production of webbing Made in Germany
  • available in all common widths from 10 mm up to 23 mm
  • on rolls of 50 meters
  • prefabricated with punched holes as mounting aid from 4.50 m to 6.50 m
  • extra thin version as gear belt for translations
  • many belt tapes in design as two-layer fabric. This makes the roller shutter webbing even more stable and protects against wear in case of diagonal pull

Drawstrings for awnings and conservatory shades

1.1 Standard program - high-tech fabrics made from high-performance fibers

  • awning running exactly evenly and parallel
  • long and reliable running properties due to high resistance to weather conditions such as UV light, heat, cold, rain...
  • enormously high abrasion resistance
  • much higher tensile strength compared to conventional tapes made of PES / Aramid
  • the flexibility of the tape protects the special fibers from kinking
  • renowned manufacturers of awnings have appreciated the excellent running properties of our tension cords for many years

1.2 Individual adaptation to your systems

Are you looking for a tension band, optimally adapted to your systems? Benefit from our strength in the development of individually adapted webbing We design your webbing according to the criteria you require. Which properties are important to you? Make your wish. Whatever you decide, we will ensure that you receive a belt that runs reliably for a long time!

  • small dimensions
  • High tensile strength
  • Resistance to abrasion and abrasion
  • less need for maintenance
  • Highest possible number of cycles

1.3 Delivery of ready-to-assemble components

  • on request, we can manufacture ready-to-assemble components for you in our sewing shop
  • our prefabrication facilitates the assembly for you
  • this saves time and the purchase of high-priced special machines

Belt straps for blinds

  • low coil volume

Nail strip / assembly strip

  • dense fabric with high tearing and coating strengths
  • can be delivered in customised packaging on request

ASG – webbing slings / one-way hoisting belts

  • light construction thanks to fibre-reinforced materials
  • ladder straps for splay protection

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This is what our long-standing customers appreciate about us:

  • exceptionally high quality
  • reliable supply capability for seamless production processes
  • development and production of custom solutions
  • excellent professional consulting
  • belt strap weaving and further assembly from a single source
  • production exclusively takes place in Germany, at competitive prices
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